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Help Employees Thrive…

A sluggish, unwell workforce is as detrimental to the health of an organization as it is to every worker’s.   As a family-owned company, we realize that employees are the lifeblood of our organizations.  They need to be at their physical and mental best in order to truly thrive within and outside of the office.

We’re passionate about helping you treat your employees right so they can treat their bodies right, and do great things for your company and the world.


Empower Your Employees

Through the Pure Helth Corporate Wellness program, we partner with you to empower employees in a way that fits your company’s size and specific needs.  Your Pure Wellness team—headed by a dedicated Pure account manager acting as an extension of your Human Resources department—will customize and implement a comprehensive program for your employee family, including:


A nutrition program stocked with meal plans and weight management advice


Thrive™ health and fitness software developed with trainers and fitness professionals (completely web and app based!)


Wholesale pricing on all Harvest to Bottle Liquid Nutritional Supplements.

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Goal tracker and incentive program rewarding goal achievement

All employees will be introduced to the wellness program and trained by Pure staff. We will set them up on the Thrive software and help them get started. In addition, you will be assigned a Pure account manager who will work with you as you implement the wellness program, acting as an extension of your Human Resources department.  All Pure Helth Corporate Wellness programs are fully customizable to your company’s size and individual needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your team live – and work – to their fullest potential.

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